About the Big Charity Quiz


Introducing our NEW online ‘In-Jeanious Quiz’ – a great way to challenge anyone and everyone AND help support our charity at the same time. 

It’s a timed multiple-choice quiz where individuals, family members, a gaggle of friends or your whole organisation or school get to answer 35 questions for the chance to claim the top spot on our leader board and assume clever clogs bragging rights! 

There are two ways to play:

You can play our national game against ALL players 

You can set up your own quiz league for your friendship group, family, or your organisation or school where employees or classroom groups can play against each other. The choice is yours! 


Simply log on, follow the simple instructions on screen and away you go! Remember, it's against the clock so in the case of a tie based on points, the quickest team wins!


Take the opportunity to challenge everyone you know or work with by copying the quiz website link and sending a cheeky smackdown email to your opponents, and then let the competition commence! 

Every time you play, you’ll be helping us fund vital services for individuals and families living with a genetic disorder in the UK. Find out why your support matters.


Spread the word, get online and let's get quizzical! 


Q: What denim clad organisation has funded hundreds of genetic disorder UK charities and projects for over 26 years, donating over £45 million?

A: Why, yes, it’s Jeans for Genes of course!